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There are many benefits to mounting your television on a wall instead of using a TV stand. And we’re here to give you some of the reasons you should consider for mounting your television.

  1. It helps to prevent neck and eye strain.
    Most TV stands sit lower to the ground, which can result in neck and eye strain. A regular TV mount will prevent this, but you can also use a full-motion mount to ensure you can move and angle your TV for optimal viewing – no glares, no straining. These full-motion mounts are also great for many of the open floor plans you see in today’s newer homes. In the afternoon, you can avoid the sun’s glare, and in the evenings you can angle it toward the kitchen while preparing dinner.

2. It adds space to your home.
The furniture necessary to hold a TV, even if it’s as minimal as possible, usually takes up a fair amount of floor space. If you opt to keep a table underneath the wall-mounted TV, you can utilize the top of the table to its full potential instead of dedicating it to the TV.

3. Hidden wires look clean and prevent wire damage.
TVs aren’t just a power cord anymore. With so many devices that are connected to our TVs – cable boxes, Roku streaming devices, gaming systems, and more – it’s becoming more and more difficult to organize and hide those cords. By mounting the TV, you can hide the cords from view and prevent kids or pets from messing with them.

4. Today’s flat screens are made to be mounted.
Flat-screen TVs are designed with mounting holes. Although many come with legs to put them on a flat surface as well, manufacturers make it easy with mounting holes that most mounts fit – just make sure your mount is designed to hold the weight and size of the TV.

5. A wall-mounted TV is safer.
When a TV is mounted to the wall correctly, it’s not going anywhere. Not only does this keep the TV out of the way of kids and pets bumping into it or messing with the wiring, but it also omits the chances of the TV (or worse – the furniture holding the TV) falling over on you, a child, or a pet.

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