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How to Choose the Best iPhone:

Locked or unlocked

Almost every mobile network in Kenya gives you the option to buy iPhones through plans that require you to stick with a contract for a given period of time. When you choose this route to buy an iPhone, your phone, in all likelihood, remains locked for the given duration, during which you cannot use it with any other SIM card. If you do not complete the entire tenure of the contract, you could end up with a locked iPhone that you cannot use anymore.

If you choose to buy an unlocked iPhone you can use a SIM card from just about any service provider. This gives you complete freedom in terms of which mobile operator you want to use, and you can also use local SIM cards when traveling overseas.

Voice and data plans

If you buy an unlocked iPhone you can choose from voice and data plans offered by different operators. While you may come by deals that are very similar, you should pay attention to their coverage areas. This is because not all providers have equally good coverage in all areas, so make sure there’s excellent coverage in the areas you live and frequent the most. If most members of your family use a single operator, you can find out if you can benefit by opting for a family plan.

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