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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a MicroSD Card

Buying Incompatible SD Cards

All microSD cards fit into all microSD card slots, but they don’t all work. There are four different card formats, as well as different standards, and these determine compatibility.

The three main formats, which you’re probably already familiar with, are SD, SDHC, and SDXC (or microSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC—micro and full-size cards are based on the same spec). The fourth format is SDUC. This was announced in June 2018, and it’ll be a while before the cards are available.

The differences between the formats are significant:

  • microSD: Has a capacity up to 2GB, and works in any microSD slot.
  • microSDHC: Has a capacity of more than 2GB and up to 32GB, and works in hardware that supports either SDHC and SDXC.
  • microSDXC: Has a capacity of more than 32GB and up to 2TB (although at the time of writing, 1TB is the largest available card), and is only supported in SDXC-compatible devices.
  • microSDUC: Supports cards up to 128TB, and will require a compatible device.

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