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In-ear headphones

These are the smallest type of headphones. They are referred to as in-ears/earbuds. In fact, they are the headphones that came with your phone or mp3 player. There are plenty of reasons to buy in-ears over other types of headphones, but their biggest advantage is the fact that they are so easily portable.


Portable. Due to their size and weight, in-ears are the most portable. You can easily stash them in your pockets when not in use and if that’s too much, even dangling them around your neck isn’t too intrusive.

Noise isolation. Earbuds tend to have excellent noise isolation since they get placed directly in your ear.

Great for exercise. This kind of ties back into portability but goes a step further. Earbuds are pretty much the perfect choice when it comes to working out.


Sound Quality. For the most part, sound isn’t the strong point of earbuds particularly in the low end. Larger headphones are able to reproduce a more pleasing sound simply because they’re able to . Bigger drivers generally means better sound, and earbuds use tiny drivers to maintain their portable form factor.

Wires get easily tangled. Again, this doesn’t apply to all in-ears, but for the most part the wires get tangled all the time. Like, all the time and it can be really annoying.

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