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Tips to Take Proper Care of Your Iron Box:

People often fail to realize that electrical appliances also need timely maintenance which can help extend their shelf life, thus avoiding the need to constantly replace the machines. We, at Jazacart, offer some guidelines to help elongate the usage of the Iron Box, by keeping it problem-free, through simple methods:

  1. Always remember to unplug the iron, when not in use and allow it to cool down before performing any activity.
  2. Clean the steam iron ports as materials from your clothes could clog it. For cleaning purposes, use a thin piece of wire (say – straightened paper clip), and poke the wires in the holes.
  3. Usage of Vinegar to Clean the Inside of the Iron. In the iron tank, fill half distilled white vinegar and half water. Now, use the spray and let the contents steam out. Repeat, if necessary.
  4. Use distilled water to sprinkle on the clothes, before ironing them.
  5. Clean the Soleplate with a cloth dipped in vinegar.
  6. Lastly, wipe off your iron carefully once you have cleaned it. Then, remove all the water to prevent any build-up. Store it in an upright position.

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