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Factors to Consider:
  • How You Plan to Use It — Will you be purchasing and refilling your 2, 4, or 5-gallon water bottles, or is a point of use system which taps in and purifies from your water source a better fit?
  • Your Space — There are options for small spaces or large spaces like offices and homes.
  • The Price — Water cooler prices range due to size,  special features, and application.
 Features to Consider:
  • Hot & Cold Feature — Some models, in addition to cooled water, have a device producing hot water.
  • Purification System — Filtration Kits are designed to remove small particles, sediment, lead, and chlorine from the water source connected with the POU system.
  • Cup Holders — Various models offer internal or external space for drinking cup storage.
  • Drip Tray — Removable drip trays help in clean-up and preventing mess.
  • Conversion Kits — This is a must-have feature to help in dispensing water from existing water lines.
  • Hot Water Safer Faucet — This feature will help prevent accidental dispensing of water by children while still making it simple and easy to dispense by adults.

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