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What to Consider:

Countertop microwaves usually cost less than the other types. In fact, small models start as low as Kshs 5000, and midsized models are typically in the Kshs 6000 to Kshs 10000 range. Additionally, some countertop models are available with kits that give you a built-in look for less.

Space and Location
Secondly, think about where the microwave works best for you and about available space. For your information, countertop models eat up space.  The best large microwave we tested is 22 inches wide and 19 inches deep. You’ll want to factor in height as well. Dimensions can be found on the specifications of each microwave.

Countertop models are the most widely sold. Over-the-range models are just that: They’re installed over the range. The built-in category includes models designed only to be built in—surrounded by cabinetry or built into the wall. Microwave drawers fall in this group and can be placed under the countertop or below a wall oven. And then there are some countertop models that can be converted to built-ins with a kit.

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