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</p> <p>Shop online for powerful and original all-in-one printers. View the collection of the best printers at the most affordable prices. Pay on Delivery.</p> <p id="article-heading_1-0" class="comp article-heading"><strong>Multifunction Printers</strong></p> <p>An all-in-one (also known as a multi-function, or MFP) printer sounds like the perfect deal. After all, it not only prints, which is the whole reason for buying a printer, but it can also scan photos and documents (often directly to a USB drive or to a PDF document), fax (often in color), and make copies. Why wouldn’t you want one?</p> <p><strong>Supported Features:</strong></p> <p><strong>Scanning</strong><br /> There’s no question that a scanner can be a handy item to have. If you’re the kind of person who’s set on having a tidy and organized office, scanners can help eliminate much of the paper you need to store, and archiving PDFs takes a lot less space. Most multi-function printers are going to provide decent but very basic scanning capability.</p> <p><strong>Faxing</strong><br /> Most all-in-one features a built-in fax machine. When you need it you’ll be glad to have it, but now that e-mail has become ubiquitous, it seems that faxing is on its way to becoming obsolete.</p> <p><strong>Copying</strong><br /> Much like scanning, having a copy machine in your home office is helpful. Think again about how you plan to use a copier.</p> <p>

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