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What is a USB flash drive?

USB flash drive is a mobile storage device, which can be used to back up data and is easy to carry. The USB flash drive is a type of flash memory, so it is also called a flash drive.

It is characterized by great compatibility and portability, large storage capacity, and cheap.

USB Flash Drive Guide: Things to Know When Buying Flash disks

1. Similar Specs Can Be Deceiving

If you find yourself with two similar flash drives and ask, “Both of these have USB 3.0, are made by the same brand, and have 64GB of storage. Why does one cost more?”, the answer is quality of components, which dictate how well your drive will perform.

2. Smaller & Thinner: Not Always Better

The trade-off for size, though, is speed. Smaller flash drives are convenient and portable, but once they get too small, they can’t fit important quality components.

3. Limited Lifespans, But That’s Okay

On average, flash drives last for 3,000 to 5,000 write cycles. Seeing a hard number after which your flash drive will stop functioning might cause panic, but don’t worry. That’s a lot of cycles, and most flash drives won’t ever last that long.

5. Rugged & Secure Flash Drives

Several flash drives are designed specifically for users who want to keep data safe on their person at all times. Rugged drives offer protection from physical damage, like when you leave it in your pants and throw it into the wash. Secure flash drives offer protection from humans who want to hack or steal your data.

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