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Which Operating System Should You Choose for Your PC?

Buying a new computer? You have more operating system choices than ever. Windows is still popular, but Macs are a great choice for creative professionals. Google offers Chromebooks that are simple and cheap, and Linux laptops are an option, too.

Should You Use Windows?

Windows is the most familiar operating system to most users. Microsoft released latest version, Windows 10, in 2015, and it is a considerable improvement over previous versions such as Windows 8. The advantage of Windows is that is has a very broad range of software available. All kinds of software is available for Windows, from business software to home computing apps.

Should You Use macOS?

A preferred operating system among creative professionals is macOS. Unlike Windows, which you can install on most PC hardware, macOS is generally only available on Mac hardware. (You can install macOS on non-Apple hardware to create what’s called a Hackintosh, but this is complex.) For most users who want to use macOS, they’ll need to buy a Mac machine.

The advantage of macOS is its exceptional support for creative software such as Adobe Photoshop or Premier.

Should You Use Linux?

Linux has a reputation for being hard to use, although in recent years more user-friendly distributions have become available.

Linux’s greatest strength is its flexibility. You can change just about anything you want in a Linux system, as long as you have the required knowledge. This is why the operating system is so popular among power users who want to perform complex tasks in an efficient way.

However, for the average user the learning curve for Linux is rather steep. Some people are intimidated by the command line. And it can take a long time before you learn the commands you need to use the operating system efficiently.

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