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Antivirus software guide:

What Are They?

Simply put, to browse the internet safely and keep their computers properly up to date, users have a great ally: antivirus software.

How do antivirus software programs work?

To begin with, the main purpose of AV software is to is to detect, neutralize or eradicate malware (or ‘malicious software). This is from computers and devices, even before the system becomes infected.

Therefore, to identify a malicious attack, an antivirus software will run scans comparing the files stored in the operating system of its host computer with a database. Most importantly, this database must be updated regularly to include the signatures of the new types of ‘malware’ that constantly emerge.

What threats do antivirus programs keep us safe from?


As you may already know, viruses are malicious software camouflaged as user files. They are designed to access computers without consent or knowledge from users. Additionally, they are usually intended to steal information, delete documents or change settings.

Computer worms

Secondly, worms are programs capable of replicating functional copies of themselves through a network. Their aim is causing both computers and computer networks to collapse.


Are a type of ‘malware’ concealed under the appearance of legitimate software which work properly. When executed, a Trojan allows the attacker to access the computer, and even to control it remotely.


Thirdly a spyware infects computers and devices to collect all sort of user information. For example, Keyloggers are a type of spyware: a malicious program that, once installed, records all keystrokes made by the user. This technique is widely used to steal credentials.


Lastly, a ransomware is a type of malware that hijacks the information stored in the computer. Perpetually, it encrypts and blocks the files unless their Rightful owners pay a ransom.

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