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Sony is a Japanese multinational corporation based in Tokyo. It is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, and information technology.

The company is well-known with sleek designs and innovative technologies. It creates unique products, reliable and attractive than competitive brands. Well known for its slogan “make. Believe”. Recently the brand decided to focus on tablets and LED and 3D TV.


They have wide variety of products that include; digital cameras, mobile phone tablets, televisions, play station which are popular worldwide. Indeed, it has a wide product portfolio. For instance, if you consider their tvs, they have latest technology. As a result, the brand sets the trend in technology.  For example, their latest tvs have a high resolution of 8K. This means that the images that you see on the tv are very clear.

Besides tv, the brand has top of the range home theatres. Lately, they have wireless home theatres. This means, you can place a speaker at different locations of the room.

Sony also has high-end smartphones. They design sleek phones with generous specs that make the product well sort after. The phones have good processor, data storage, fast internet speed and modern display.

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