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This company is known because of the CTC TV brand. It is an upcoming brand in Kenya that offers a range of audio systems and televisions. The company manufactures electronics mainly and woofers.

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Additionally, the TVs have an HDMI port that helps to facilitate audio and video playback. This supports high-definition video and multi-channel audio signals. Indeed, you can explore this interface to view images in higher resolution with less noise and high quality.

Audio Systems

Indeed, CTC manufacturers have cutting-edge technology that allows them to produce audio systems that are marketable across Africa. In addition, they have found a market niche of selling pocket-friendly products that last long. Their woofers are made to impress with a high sound quality that will ensure you enjoy the good music. Again, their devices have various connectivity that allows customers flexibility and choice. Indeed, you can easily connect them to the TV, DVD player, or even your smartphone for all of your favorite tunes.

The company offers solutions by manufacturing products that are affordable, reliable, and durable. This is because they are manufactured with affordable modern technology.

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