Time Limited Offer

Exp: 31 May, 2020

A product can be returned within 7 days from the day it is delivered to a customer. After this period, we will not accept the return. If the product has a warranty, we recommend that you contact us via our phone number 0795542559 or through our email [email protected], or send it to the service center near you.

Acceptable Reasons for Return: 

  1. If the product is defective.
  2. If the product doesn’t match the product description on the website.
  3. If the item delivered is a wrong product and doesn’t match the customer’s order on Jazacart.
  4. If some part(s) of the product is(are) missing.
  5. If the product delivered is counterfeit and infringe the trademark rights of other brands.

Requirements for Return:

  1. The proof of purchase; Jazacart purchase receipt.
  2. A valid return reason.

Unacceptable Returns:

Jazacart Online does not accept the return of the following items:

  1. Products not purchased from Jazacart Online.
  2. Products that exceed the warranty period.
  3. Products whose warranty cards do not match and was altered.