How to Shop at JazaCart.com

Step One

Online Shopping Guide: Step 1- Search

  • Type a description of your desired item
    in the search box.
  • Alternatively, you can search by
    category at the top of the homepage

Online Shopping Guide

Step Two

Online Shopping Guide: Step 2 - Review Product Details

  • Check the products details and specifications.
  • If present, read reviews and look at photographs(always available) of what
    you are buying.
  • Ensure that the item can be delivered to your
    location and that you are happy with the
    estimated delivery time

Online Shopping Guide

Step Three

Online Shopping Guide : Step 3 - Click on the ``Buy Now`` Button

  • If you are a new customer, fill out the delivery
    address form: this will help us deliver your order to the right address.

Online Shopping Guide

Online Shopping Guide: : Step 4 - Order Completed Successfully

  • After you’ve filled out the delivery form. Click “Checkout”. You will immediately receive a notification of an order placed successfully. You can confirm the same on your email account.

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Online Shopping Guide