AUCMA 32’ LED Television Digital TV Black 32 inch.


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Technical Specifications


  • LED Backlight
  • 32 inch


  • LED TV

AUCMA 32’ LED Television Digital TV Black 32 inch.

This Aucma model is truly a premium statement TV. It is among the unique Aucma LED TVs you can get at such an amazingly low price. Given the features it comes with, it is the best option for one looking to upgrade their analog TV with a digital TV set. It will give you all the qualities of a modern TV and you will end up transforming your home entertainment because it comes with many interesting features. These are some of the special abilities that makes this TV special and worth trying.

High quality display and clarity

This TV is a full HD TV meaning that it will give you videos in high definition. It resolution is 1920×1080 making it quiet efficient. Watching on this screen will not just be as ordinary as in ordinary CRT models. It will give you wonderful display and possibly anything you watch with it will be as exciting as possible. The screen is large and offers you magnified images. You will enjoy a display with aspect ratio of 16:9 and static images. This TV will keep you busy at home and give you the best relaxing experience.

Color accuracy

Perhaps one of the most exciting things you will enjoy in this TV is the lifelikeness of the colors. The colors make the images more exciting, hence the entertainment will bequality. The TV is packaged with wide color range that makes it possible for images to exhibit their original colors on the screen. Unlike the older versions in which pictures which did not give very accurate colors, with this TV you will have the propensity to thank Aucma, which is among the best electronics companies in Kenya. Aucma TV will give you wonderful entertainment experience.

Wide connectivity

This TV will give you a chance to connect various gadgets at your disposal. For instance you can connect you laptop via the HDMI cable to be able to view bigger display on your TV screen. You can play videos from your laptop or watch pictures in an enlarged view. How exciting is that? This TV will also allow you to play videos from a flash drive or an external hard drive and always enjoy fast entertainment. The cable component of this TV includes VGA, AV and HDMI. This will offer you very extensive entertainment experience.

Quality audio

The efficiency of this TV is not just limited on its video clarity. It also gives you a unique sound quality that you can enjoy quality entertainment seasoned with lively sounds. One thing you will enjoy about sound in this model is that the TV is audible enough due to the presence of powerful digital speakers. The speakers also give well-balanced sound that you can always enjoy quality entertainment at home. The TV has ports where you can also connect to external sound system to enjoy more superior sounds. You can listen to music, watch movies with cinema fastidiousness.

This TV can be the best for you if you need a modern big sized TV that will not drain your savings. AUCMA 32’ LED Television Digital TV Black 32 inch is relatively fairly priced compared to TV sets with similar features by other brands.

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AUCMA 32’ LED Television Digital TV Black 32 inch.

AUCMA 32’ LED Television Digital TV Black 32 inch.


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