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Welcome to JazaCart

We have an unlimited choice of products from smartphones, home appliances, laptops, desktop computers and many more.

We continue to expand our catalogue and improve our services while maintaining the simplicity and convenience of online shopping. Join us and enjoy the ever-increasing benefits of our services as we grow into Kenya’s best online shop. At JazaCart.com, we not only put the customer first, but we also deliver on the promise. We are committed to using the power of business to strengthen communities and empower people.

We strive to achieve:

Fast stocking of products. We are number one in stocking newly launched products.
Lowest prices. We lead in pricing; our products are available at the most affordable prices.
Fast delivery. Enjoy super-fast delivery on both local and global products, straight to your doorstep.
Dedicated customer service support. Our customer service team is always


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